Midpoint is a weekly gathering for junior and senior high students, meeting in The Cellar at Northpoint on Sundays during service. Students are encouraged to sit with their leaders during the first worship set. With each of these gatherings, we hope to provide our students with a well-rounded experience that empowers and encourages them to be the young men and women of God they are called to be.

Midpoint uses the XP3 curriculum by Orange for lesson plans and structure. Northpoint uses Orange curriculum for every child– from babies through seniors in high school, providing cohesion for kids and parents in their spiritual journey.


Students XP3 Logo


XP3 Students FUELS PASSION in the heart of a teenager.



STRATEGY: XP3 Students is designed so that every student experiences God in such a way that he or she:

  • Sees God for who He is
  • Sees themselves the way He sees them
  • Loves others the way He does

MESSAGE: XP3 engages students with the timeless truths of Scripture in a way that is applicable to their culture and stage of life. Every series is unpacked through memorable weekly Bottom Lines so that biblical truth can stick.

FAMILY: XP3 goes beyond simply informing parents of topics by educating and encouraging them in areas that are relevant to their relationship with their kids.



Intro: Announcements and students share stories from the week.

Game/Activity: Students participate in an engaging game or activity that prepares them for the lesson.

Lesson: A 10-15 minute lesson taught either by a leader (using Orange scripts) or a teaching video provided by Orange.

Small Groups: Breakout discussions over the material covered in the lesson, this is the bulk of our gatherings.

Closing Prayer: We close out Midpoint each week by praying for any concerns the students may have