What We Believe


Because truly knowing Jesus changes everything.

When we engage in passionate worship and pursue His power and presence, He transforms us from the inside out. Together, we cultivate authentic community where all people feel valued and loved. We answer Jesus’ call to be bringers of hope and speakers of truth, and we ardently seek His Kingdom to come all around us.

Our Core Values

  • Worshiping and Experiencing God: We believe that God invites us into a real, personal relationship with Him. We experience Him through Bible study, prayer, and community. As we follow Jesus together, we strive to honor him in all we do. Our lives are our worship.
  • Living and Loving Like Jesus: We believe that Christians are called to radical love, sacrifice, obedience, and action. We see this in the example of Jesus, and we strive to emulate His devotion to The Father and His love for others.
  • Receiving and Responding to the Holy Spirit: We believe that the Spirit is alive and active in our midst. God is not far off and distant. His Spirit lives in us, and works through us, to see Kingdom moments happen in our every day lives.
  • Advocating for the Undervalued: We believe that Jesus prioritized people, especially people who were overlooked and underprivileged. We also believe that the church is the greatest agent for change, justice, and compassion in the world. This is where our passion for people comes from.
  • Creating Authentic Community: We believe that faith works best when you partner with other people. Life is too hard to go it alone. We strive to be a place of connection, affection, and vulnerability. This is how we grow together.

At Northpoint, you’ll find that the Bible is central to what we believe (doctrine) and what we do (practice). We base our vision, mission, and teachings on the wisdom of this ancient, inspired book. We believe that the Bible is how God chose to tell His story and communicate to His people. It is our ultimate authority, and is able to guide and direct our lives.

Northpoint Vineyard Church is part of the Vineyard Movement, a network of churches united with the vision of seeing Kingdom-minded, Gospel-proclaiming churches planted in every neighborhood and every nation. There are more than 650 Vineyard churches in the Unites States, and more than 3,000 across the world. If you’re curious about what The Vineyard is all about, check out vineyard.org/ and vineyardusa.org/.

Northpoint Vineyard Church, along with the Vineyard movement nation-wide, supports women’s ability and call to lead at all levels within the church. As citizens of God’s Kingdom—where there is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, but all are one in Christ (see Galatians 3:26-30)—we advocate against the hierarchy of men over women in church government, marriage, politics, or any social institution. Rather, we celebrate diversity in the church and encourage every individual to step up and lead according to their calling and gifting. For more information on these topics, feel free to contact Pastor Tara at tara@northpointvineyard.com.