26 August, 2019

Post By : Northpoint Vineyard Church

One thought on “Come Holy Spirit, Week 4

  1. Constance Allgood ( 11 months ago )

    Thank you Dear Sister in the Lord Tara for sharing Come Holy Spirit. I have so prayed for the teaching of the Holy Spirit in our churches today, After years of being Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1975 I have witnessed the Holy Spirits Power in so many ways. I pray we surrender as a church to His will and and be baptized in His Holy Spirit . For the God they never knew to become the God they know. To equip us to embrace the third person of the Trinity, as well launch all of us into a fresh new season of worship.and someone they will want as their best friend, helper, and someone to love. He makes me desire more and more of His work in my life. To God be the Glory, and may His Glory fall on Northpoint. You are so Loved Tara Connie Allgood

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